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“A riveting story with action, love and vengeance…a fantastic read.” – The Not So Public Library

“Chemistry is there from the start..I really enjoyed the romance.”-Functioning Insanity Reviews

“Trust Christina Bauer to deliver a super bad-ass heroine and majorly page-turning plot line. Cursed is definitely a must read for you guys who love paranormal romance or urban fantasy.” – The Four Eyed Cat Reviews

“The world Ms. Bauer builds is such a beautiful blend and balance of magic and non-magic, darkness and light, and so much mystery. It reminded me a bit of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series – except this heroine is sassy!’ – Davisa reviews

“If you like fantasy, Necromancy, adventure or mystery, the Beholder series will satiate your needs but leave you open mouthed and begging for more.” – Lovely Paranormal Books Blog

“An exceptionally engaging tale, full of twists and magic! Love the strong and willful character, Elea, and how she fights against all the odds of burning for eternity bound by a curse cast by a powerful Tsar on her beloved friend Tristan. She has only five years to change her fate and become a powerful Necromancer. Her path will be filled with challenges, friendship, deception and maybe love.” – Arlene, Goodreads

“This story was refreshing, like a breath of fresh air from what I have been reading. Elea is such a powerful character, both in magic and personality. I could definitely get behind her and her ideals. The author’s created world was also fascinating. I felt she not only created a marvelous world but also did a good job at explaining it. Sometimes in fantasy novels, I get lost concerning the author’s created mythology, but I wasn’t with this novel…I loved it and can’t wait to read more.” – Arec, Goodreads

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