Angelbound #4, MAXON, is now released!

MAXON is now a live book, and there’s even a press release to prove it. Yay! # # # PRESS RELEASE Ink Monster LLC Announces New Sequels: Bruja and Maxon New installments in the Angelbound and Alpha Girl series are now live for order on, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. NEWTON, Mass. – May 12, 2015 – Ink Monster LLC, publisher of new […]

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Cover Reveal for Angelbound 5…Portia!

Here’s the cover for the fifth book in the Angelbound series, Portia! The title will be live for preorder in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I couldn’t wait to share the pretty! Check out the book description and artwork below… DESCRIPTION Portia is the High Princess of the demon-fighting thrax, but her odd […]

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MAXON Chapter Two Preview — Lianna’s voice!

AUTHOR NOTE: Did you miss Chapter 1 of Maxon? It’s here and is written in Maxon’s voice.  A partial sneak peek at Chapter 2 is below and written in Lianna’s voice. Enjoy! # # # Lianna As I rush through the darkened forest, one thought floods my mind. Crap, I’m running late. That worry, as much […]

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Preview Chapter One of MAXON Here!

Maxon Chapter One Take our picture, and we look like three guys hanging and banging on a beach. We’ve got lawn chairs, sunglasses, beer bongs, you name it. And the picture’d be right, too, except for one thing. We’re all in black body armor. Truth is, we’re thrax. Demon killers. And we’re not partying on […]

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Cover Reveal: Angelbound 4, Maxon!

I am SUPER excited to show you the new cover for Angelbound 4, Maxon, now available for pre-sale! Can’t believe we’re at Book 4 already—seems like yesterday Myla was a confused teenager at Purgatory High. Take a look and enjoy…         And here’s Maxon’s story: Prince Maxon may be twenty-two years old […]

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Angelbound: Read Chapter 3 here!

Chapter Three (Read Chapter One here) (Read Chapter Two here) The entire ride home, Cissy fiddles with Betsy’s radio and grills me about every millisecond of my interaction with Zeke. It’s amazing how many details she thinks are important. ‘Did he look directly into your eyes when he asked that question?’ ‘Were his arms crossed over […]

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Angelbound: Chapter Two

  Chapter Two (Read Chapter One here) Rocking on my heels, I scan the empty living room. “Mom?” No reply. That’s weird. Mom rarely leaves the house, especially if she knows I’m going to an Arena match. Those days she pretty much stays glued by the front door. I look around. Our one-story ranch is a […]

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