4 Reasons Why Star Wars Is THE Ultimate Female Myth

You read that right. Star Wars. Chicks. Myth. Yeah. George Lucas has gotten lots of air play for consulting myth expert and general smarty-pants Joseph Campbell on the original Star Wars story, making sure old Joe officially blessed the space epic as following the so-called Hero’s Journey (Campbell wrote a famous book on the subject). […]

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6 Crazy-Cool Things About Ruby the Dog

Ruby and pal

We have a golden retriever named Ruby. She’s a food addict, fraidy-cat, and general nut-job. She steals only my left shoes and hides them. Her favorite kind of weather is a thunderstorm. She’s dug up half the lawn and crapped over all the rest. We adore her. Here are 6 crazy-cool things about our wonderful bundle […]

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Finding Inspiration in Ash Maiden (aka the Original Cinderella)

grimms fairy tales

When I started writing my YA paranormal romance Angelbound, I knew I wanted a strong heroine. I searched around for inspiration. That took a while. As some of you may know, YA paranormal isn’t exactly famous in this area. Here’s my #writingtip: don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in odd places. In the case of […]

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Angelbound: Read Chapter 3 here!

Chapter Three (Read Chapter One here) (Read Chapter Two here) The entire ride home, Cissy fiddles with Betsy’s radio and grills me about every millisecond of my interaction with Zeke. It’s amazing how many details she thinks are important. ‘Did he look directly into your eyes when he asked that question?’ ‘Were his arms crossed over […]

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Angelbound: Chapter Two

  Chapter Two (Read Chapter One here) Rocking on my heels, I scan the empty living room. “Mom?” No reply. That’s weird. Mom rarely leaves the house, especially if she knows I’m going to an Arena match. Those days she pretty much stays glued by the front door. I look around. Our one-story ranch is a […]

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