Rouen’s Moribund Playlist

One of the things I do while writing is listen to music. And for each project, I have a different sound, a different feel that helps me get into the mood of the characters, the setting, the world. For my lesbian epic fantasy, I listened to a lot of sweeping movie scores like Tim Burton’s […]

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Moribund Free Chapters: Coming June 20th!

That’s right, my pretties! The Moribund Sampler is coming on June 20, 2017! I’m overwhelmed by your amazing response to the Moribund cover reveal and back cover copy! Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of questions, the most frequent “But, GIE, why is the wait for Moribund so loooooong?” Now, I’m a fellow reader as […]

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What Makes a Pro?

In my role as an author and editor, I am often asked, what do I consider to be the hallmarks of a professional writer? How do you tell the pros from the amateurs? And most importantly, how do you become a pro? So, I’ve compiled this non-exhaustive-but-pretty-darn-close list based on my personal experiences and interactions […]

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Update – All Things Circuit Fae!

Hello, my pretties and all you sleeper-princesses out there! Several of you have asked for a one-stop shop for important Circuit Fae dates, so I’ve thrown together this handy-dandy blog post for y’all, including exciting breaking info on Circuit Fae 2: Ouroboros! Ouroboros will detail the further adventures of heroine Syl Skye and villainess-turned-heroine Rouen […]

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Writing Right: Fight Scene Do’s & Don’t’s

Fight scenes! Many writers dread writing them, and who can blame them? Writing a good fight scene is an art in itself. Here are some of my best pieces of advice. Caveat: this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Also, for every single thing I’ve said here, I will bet you, dollars to donuts, there is […]

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Press Release: Massachusetts Publisher Fields Success With Kick-Ass Women

DISTRIBUTED HERE ON PRWEB Massachusetts Publisher Fields Success With Kick-Ass Women, Both In Fact And Fiction Independent publisher moves more than a half-million eBooks that feature strong heroines while driving 19,000 press release views for the Massachusetts Chapter of Women’s March on Washington Newton, MA – April 25, 2017 – Monster House Books LLC (MHB) […]

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More on Moribund!

Hello my pretties and all you sleeper-princesses out there! Recently, I reached out to y’all and asked what you wanted to know about Circuit Fae: Moribund. Here are your questions, answered by yours truly. What is Moribund about? Moribund is the story of Syl Skye, ordinary geek girl sophomore who discovers she is the last […]

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Welcome Arely!

MHB is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team: Publishing Assistant Arely Zimmermann! Arely will manage MHB press lists, events, and tons of other cool things that help the company run smoothly. As a seasoned book blogger, Arely founded the popular reviews site, Books, Lines, and Sinkers. She also earned her Bachelor’s in Arts in Communication […]

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