Go, Go, LGBTQ Ranger!

WARNING: This blog post contains SPOILERS for the 2017 movie Power Rangers. For a non-spoily review, check our my colleague, Kyle’s excellent review here! Recently, there’s been some backlash from the LGBTQ community because a few sources like Hollywood Reporter and ABC News claimed that one scene in the new Power Rangers movie “breaks down […]

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Why Write Lesbian Heroes?

I’ve been asked a lot lately why I write lesbian heroes. The answer seems simple: I’m gay and I’m part of the LGBTQ community. Makes sense, right? But the more I get asked this question, the more I think that answer really is too simple. It’s easy to say “Well, I’m gay,” and just leave […]

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Write Right: Dialogue Tags

I’ve been an editor for eight years now, and I’ve noticed that one of the hallmarks of a newer, inexperienced writer is “fancy” dialogue tags. For some reason, many newer writers feel the need to spice up their tags. Maybe it’s that their creative writing instructors told them that said is too boring or that they […]

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Genres Are Like Cornflakes

 A wise author once told me that buying a book is like buying a box of cereal. You walk down the aisle, looking at the boxes like they’re book covers, past boxes of Cheerios, Crunch Berries, Lucky Charms, Wheaties, until at last you find what you’re looking for—Cornflakes! Yes! You know exactly what you’re getting just by grabbing […]

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Check out the gorgeous cover for MORIBUND! It’s the first book in my CIRCUIT FAE series, an urban fantasy romance featuring the Fae and teenage girls falling in love. I’m super psyched, and I can’t wait to share it with all you pretties! High school sophomore Syl Skye is an ordinary girl. At least, she’s […]

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Feb-April Release Calendar

At MHB, we have an amazing line-up for you over the next eight weeks, including two cover reveals and our first-ever audio book release! Check out our calendar of activities below… Coming Tuesday, February 21st is the cover reveal for MORIBUND, Book 1 in the Circuit Fae Series. We are so excited for this reveal, we can […]

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Circuit Fae: Moribund on Pinterest!

In preparation for writing Circuit Fae: Moribund, Christina asked that I do some Pinterest boards with inspirations for Moribund’s different characters. I’d never been a big Pinterest user before, but like many people first dipping a toe into the wonderful world of Pinterest, I was instantly hooked. I fell down the rabbit hole of Pinterest! I whipped […]

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2 Great Blog Tours – 1 Place To Sign Up!

Want to join two AMAZING blog tours without having to click all over the internet to find cool ones? You’ve come to the right page, because MHB has a pair of amazing tours coming up and you can register right here… Feb 21st: Cover reveal for Circuit Fae MORIBUND This book has only been posted with a description and […]

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GIE’s Review: Wildthorn

GIE’s BRIEF SYNOP Wildthorn by Jane Eagland is the story of Lousia Cosgrove growing up in 19th century England where girls are supposed to look pretty and get married and do as they’re told. Against all odds and societal norms, Lousia has aspirations to become a doctor. But when she confides in her family, she […]

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