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Fae Realms: OverHill and UnderHollow Boards!

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

In honor of the Moribund eSampler staying in the Top 10 in the LGBT Fiction category on Amazon for over a month, I’m releasing two more of my concept inspiration boards.


The first is a concept board for OverHill, the realm of the fair Fae and the seat of the Summer Court. It’s from OverHill that Syl’s white flame power springs–something that becomes a wee bit…problematic for our favorite sleeper-princess in Circuit Fae 2: Ouroboros. 

Along with trying to learn to control her power, Syl must find her place in OverHill and the Summer Court, a place where she and Rouen can be together without fear and judgment–no easy feat since the fair Fae and the dark Fae have been at war since the Cleaving that split Faerie into Fair and Dark.

Not to mention, Aldebaran Prince of the fair Fae has his own plans for Syl, and they do not include a certain dark Fae princess.

We’re pretty sure Rouen and Syl both are going to have a lot to say about that!

In the meantime, enjoy the bright and gorgeous art on the OverHill board. Even a dark Fae would have to admit, it’s pretty boss.


The second is a concept board for UnderHollow, the realm of the dark Fae, and the seat of the Winter Court. It’s from UnderHollow that Rouen’s “euphoria” power springs–a power that is altered irrevocably when she becomes a Circuit Fae for a time.

Rouen travels briefly to UnderHollow in Circuit Fae: Moribund, but in Circuit Fae: Ouroboros,Rouen is forced into a battle with Fiann for the ultimate prize–the throne of Dark Faerie.

Will she take the crown and become queen, sealing her fate as Syl’s enemy for all time? Or will Syl and Rouen find another way–a way where they can be together?

Stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out all the atmospheric dark beauty of the UnderHollow board. No wonder Rouen’s so emo-broody all the time!

Have a board you’d like to see? Drop me a line here!

Slán go fóill!


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The Adventures of Marisol Holmes: Paris Catacombs

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

A Study in Shifters is set in two primary locations: the first one is Waynard Academy, a boarding school in England, and the second location is Paris.

Now, luckily, I’ve visited Paris a few times before, three times to be exact. This helped me get a feel of the place before I wrote about it. I know all the tourist attractions, the landmarks, some of the street names. I’ve seen the Notre Dame twice so I can describe how it looks like, what feelings overwhelm tourists as they head inside.

But the one place I haven’t visited yet in Paris, is the catacombs.

Now, I’ve been in catacombs before, particularly the ones in Rome, and you get more or less the same claustrophic, slightly eerie vibe as you head into that underground labyrinth. For the Paris catacombs, I had to do some reseach though, considering I’d never been there.

Turns out the Catacombs of Paris aren’t really all that old. They were founded in the eighteenth century, two millennia later than the ones founded in Rome. The officials of Paris were struggling with two problems in the eighteenth century: cave-ins and overdlowing cemeteries. During the night, they transferred remains from the cemeteries to reinforced tunnels underneath the ground. More than six million people are now buried in the catacombs of Paris.

Nowadays, Parisians refer to the tunnels under Paris as the “catacombs” – not just to the smaller network of catacomb tunnels themselves, but to all underground tunnels.

A fun anecdote about the Paris catacombs, in 2004, police discovered a fully equipped movie theater in one of the caverns, equipped with a giant cinema screen, audience seats, and a complete restaurant.

If they could hide all that in one of those underground caverns… Think about what else could be hidden deep inside those catacombs.

The pictures used in this post are actually pretty amazing. They’ve been taken by Felix Nadar in 1861, and show case the very first use of the illumination technique with artificial light. The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons, and to see the fulll collection, go here.

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The Adventures of Marisol Holmes: Pinterest Boards

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

A picture speaks a thousand words, right?

Well, as I was drafting the first book in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes series, A Study in Shifters, I often took to Pinterest for inspiration for everything from character appearances to inspiring artwork.

Here are the boards that inspired me while writing:

Marisol Holmes

Marisol is the protagonist in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes series. She’s a member The Conclave of Shadows, a super-secret underground organization that solves supernatural crimes and meets in the catacombs of Paris. As the great-great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes himself, Marisol has quite the reputation to live up to. Luckily, she has inherited her ancestor’s sharp wit and intellect, because she’ll need it for the troubles awaiting her.

Marisol is also a halfblood jaguar shifter from her mother’s side, a position that often puts her in harm’s way too.

Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt is an otter shifter who attends Waynard Academy, the site of a recent murder Marisol has been sent to investigate. Wyatt is a huge mystery fan, and Sherlock Holmes is one of his idols, so he jumps at the chance to meet the great-great granddaughter of the man he admired so much.

Wyatt looks like your typical boy-next-door, but there’s much more to him than meets the eye.


Marisol’s mother, leader of the jaguar clan, finds herself in an ever weakening political position. With her only heir being only half-shifter (and half-human), the other shifters are eager to take any potential weakness of hers and turn it against her. The murder Marisol has been sent to solve doesn’t really help matters either.

Beautiful but lethal, Duchesse is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her daughter, and her clan.


A wolf shifter with an intellect matching Marisol’s, Mannix is bad news. Yet, he’s the kind of bad news you don’t mind hooking up with in dark corners. Hot and dangerous, a combination Marisol often finds hard to resist…


Click on the names to visit the Pinterest boards.

Follow me on Pinterest here to get the latest updates to my boards.

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Circuit Fae: Moribund on Pinterest!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

In preparation for writing Circuit Fae: Moribund, Christina asked that I do some Pinterest boards with inspirations for Moribund’s different characters. I’d never been a big Pinterest user before, but like many people first dipping a toe into the wonderful world of Pinterest, I was instantly hooked.

I fell down the rabbit hole of Pinterest! I whipped up boards for Moribund’s heroines, Syl Skye and Rouen Rivoche as well as for the bad guys, Agravaine and Fiann Fee. And you know what? Those pics really helped.

I printed them out and put them up near my desktop while I wrote. They really conveyed the attitude and inspiration of the characters, and they stayed there the entire time I was working on Moribund. I have new pictures for Circuit Fae 2 up right now.

I’ve kept the boards a secret for a long time, but now I’m excited to share them with you! I’ve opened them up to the public. Check them out here!

As for other Pinterest boards, I’m also an avid Bullet Journal fan, so you can see my BuJo board. In addition, I have an “I Ship It” board for all my fantasy ships, a Celtic knotwork board for the Irish girl in me, and a few others under construction.

As always, thank you for reading!




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