THRAX Audiobook – Launch Date Set!

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to learn when Angelbound THRAX will be available in audiobook!

:::clears throat, goes into Gandalf voice:::

My audiobook journey began many years ago when I did the voice of Sharkey from Angelbound in a Starbucks and scared some dude so much that he dropped his latte on the floor. At that moment, I knew I had to someday record my audiobooks so other random dudes would drop their lattes.

:::returns to regular voice:::

Now, it’s many years later and I’m super happy so many people like the voices behind my characters! I didn’t want to announce an official date until I was super-sure, but now it looks like the THRAX audiobook will launch on May 22, 2018! I’ll also release the next Magicorum audiobook in fall. Fun!

Thanks for listening,


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