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Devil and the Divorcee

A new paranormal romance world for mature readers… and it’s all from best-selling young adult author Christina Bauer writing as CEE BEE!

There will be divorcees!

There will be sex!

There will be sass!

And yes, there will be smoking-hot devils who lost their shirt for some reason!

Welcome to the Lords of the Daemonverse, a new book world which also encompasses the current Kindle story, BLOOD SLAVE (Vampires of the Daemonverse). More details to follow soon. Stay tuned!

Lords of the Daemonverse Series

  1. Devil and the Divorcee
  2. Devil May Dare
  3. Week of the Devil

Here in July 2022

Meet the author: CEE BEE

Hello readers!

You may know me as the author of more than 35 books, including the popular Angelbound series. Normally, I focus on young adult epic fantasy, but some older readers want steamy scenes where the door doesn’t shut, if you get my meaning. So I’m thrilled to announce my new alter ego, CEE BEE (in all capital letters because why not?)

This new pen name will launch with a hot vampire romance series that’s exclusive to Kindle Vella, AKA Amazon’s new service for delivering serialized content. That way, it should prevent my young adult readers from getting confused about adult-adult content. In terms of timing, Kindle Vella is slated to launch in mid-to-late July, so watch for more details as the date closes in.

Can’t wait to share this new adventure with you!


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