Monster House at-a-glance!

To craft our mission statement, Monster House surveyed readers and found that many of you have trouble finding novels with unique storylines, stellar quality, and strong heroines. Plus, once you became invested in a particular series, it could be hard to know when the next books would be released. Monster House was founded to meet those needs.


Monster House heroines are strong. Sometimes that means they can fight like demons. In other cases, it’s their intelligence or determination that gets them through*. You get the idea.


Things get steamy in our books and we like it that way. Nuff said

World Building

Monster House works hard to find new voices and storylines. If you’re searching for unique books, then check us out!

How I Write – My 9-Step Process

I’m about to launch book #25 (THE BRUTAL TIME), so I thought it might be cool to share how I come up with stories and write. As many of you
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Goofball Special Edition Collection Book Trailer

Sometimes, I get in a goofy mood. In years past, such silliness would end rather simply, say by my changing the greeting on my answering machine. Classic example: “I am
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My Audiobook Roundup

I narrate my own audiobooks while doing all the voices because, COME ON! That’s the fun part. Plus, the fact that I do all these voices means I also make funny
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