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I am the archangel Xavier,
General of the Angelic Army.
My life began at the dawn of time,
And in all the long eons since
I have only known war, never love.
Until HER.

Enter the Angelbound Worlds, a new series that takes place within different areas and eras of the after-realms (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, the Dark Lands, and Antrum). Don’t miss Book 1 in the Angelbound Worlds series, in which the archangel Xavier shares how he finally fell in love.

Suggested to read after Angelbound Origins Book 1. Coming Spring 2020.

“SUCH interesting stories!! I love the characters, the plot, the writing style. Unique, beautiful, not sappy with the romance, but steamy enough to keep my interest. Would DEFINITELY recommend!” – Keri, Goodreads


Meet the author: Christina Bauer

Christina Bauer is the author of the bestselling Angelbound series about the after-realms and the angels, demons, dragons, ghouls and humans that call them home; the Beholder series, about a medieval farm girl turned necromancer who needs to save the world; the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, which takes place in version of our modern world where fairies, shifters and wizards are real; and Dimension Drift, where one sassy teenage girl-slash-scientist plots to save the future from its dystopian fate. Her books are an ideal read for folks who enjoy fierce females, gamma guys, paranormal romance, and urban/contemporary fantasy.

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