What’s Coming In CROWNED

For those of you following my BEHOLDER series, you may have wondered: What the f*ck is Elea’s problem? Why won’t she take the Necromancer “crown” already?

Well, you’re in luck, because today I’m sharing the top questions that will be answered in CROWNED, the fourth and final book in the Beholder series, and that question is #1 on the list! Strap in, folks, because here we go…


QUESTION ONE: Again, WTF is wrong with Elea? Why won’t she take the Necromancer “crown”?
We all know Elea passed on ruling the Necromancers because she wanted to honor her parents and make a go as a farmer. However, one thing Elea realizes in CROWNED is that there’s more to her decision than that alone. Part of her has always known that there are simply too many unanswered questions before she can rule, such as: why did One and Yuri chose her to lead the Necromancers anyway? And what exactly do Oni and Yuri want her to do when she takes over? Elea wants answers and in book four, she gets them.

QUESTION TWO: Why are the gods so damned protective about magic mixing?
There’s a whole backstory on this that you’ll find out in book four. BTW, Elea’s not a fan of the whole “let’s keep it separate” thing, so it may be time for her to turn the universe upside-down. Go Elea!

QUESTION THREE: Why was Viktor combining Creation Casters and their familiars?
Good question! Yes, there’s a master plan here beyond Viktor just being a magical dick. You will definitely find out what it is in book four.

QUESTION FOUR: What can we expect for Elea and Rowan in CROWNED?
Sometimes as authors we have to be really shitty to our characters. For me, CROWNED is one of those times. So Elea and Rowan have a tough journey to take in this book. I’m a firm believer in HEA, though, so not to worry!

QUESTION FIVE: Will Jicho have a role to play in CROWNED?
Why, yes! Everyone’s favorite new character gets some serious page-time in book four!

QUESTION SIX: Who else can we expect to appear in book four?
Before I answer that, I have one more thing to say:


With that out of the way, I call for a drumroll please! True fact: Elea raised a lot more Necromancers than she thought at the end of book two. As a result, the character of Nan makes a return in book four, along with some other favorites from the Midnight Cloister. Woot woot! If you’re wondering why Nan hasn’t contacted Elea yet, that will also be explained in book four.

QUESTION FIVE: Any other surprises?
There is still the big reveal coming (well, to my anyway.) In book four, we “meet” Elea’s parents and get their back story. I am DYING to tell you more, but I just can’t go to that level of spoiler! Sharing the truth on Nan was enough for one post, but trust me when I say this particular backstory was one of the main secrets driving the entire series.

Okay, that’s it for my teaser on what’s coming in CROWNED! If you haven’t preordered the title yet, it’s available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and B&N.

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