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Love And Ether (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #10)

Bryar Rose is a sophisticated city girl who’s magically forced into a Sleeping Beauty life template. Her boyfriend, Knox, is also tied to a magical fate, only his is the Beast from a famous fairy tale with Belle. Together, the two must break into a supernatural realm called the Ether and transform the very nature of magic. Changing the Ether will certainly save lives. Sadly, it also might alter Bry and Knox so much, they don’t recognize themselves… or each other.

Fairy Tales of the Magicorum

Modern fairy tales with sass, action, and romance

1. Wolves and Roses
2. Moonlight and Midtown
3. Shifters and Glyphs
4. Slippers and Thieves
5. Bandits and Ball Gowns
6. Fire and Cinder
7. Fairies and Frosting
8. Towers and Tithes
9. Mirrors and Mysteries
10. Love and Ether

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